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Custom Headwear

Custom Headwear is one of the best, most affordable ways to amplify your brand’s message. At Shade Headwear we specialize in kicking your branding up a notch. Our ability to turn something otherwise ordinary and stale into something fun and full-of-life is unmatched.

Everyone has their own definition of the term “custom” when it comes to headwear. Some believe pulling a hat from an inventory of pre-constructed hats and slamming a logo on it is custom. Our definition is much different. Our hats are built-from-scratch giving you complete control of the design process right down to the button, panel and stitching color. The end result is complete flexibility by the dozen and unmatched ornamentation quality.

Custom Patches

Maybe you are not ready to create a custom hat. Maybe you are just looking for something out-of-the-ordinary that carries your brand mark. Look no further. Custom patches are the perfect solution and come in many different shapes, sizes and material. We can produce fabric patches, woven label patches and leather patches. Ask us for more information about our available options.

The Program

Our custom headwear program is trend-based and simple to understand. Everything is customizable by the dozen with a low minimum order. Using our program’s flexibility, we can go as-far-as suggesting and ultimately creating a merchandising plan tailored to your specific needs.